Friday, December 16, 2016

Term Four: Week Ten ~ And That's a Wrap

Our last week of school ~ FINALLY!!
Monkey was finished by Tuesday and Monster did the last of his writing on Friday so the week was filled with fun, games, and Christmas preparations!
The boys enjoyed playing Pokemon battles through the week after receiving a "real" Pokemon battle kit each from their cousin. 

There was time to wrestle with dad... which resulted in this pile up! 

We spent an evening decorating the Christmas tree together as a family. 

We discovered that the pineapple plant in our backyard is FINALLY growing a pineapple! 

Monster spent a few evenings working on his puzzle! 

 Monster's independent reading for the week...

 Two books that I finished reading this week... the one on the left was just a book that caught my interest some time ago, but the book on the right I was pre-reading for Monster. It is on the grade 7-9 list for Premier's Reading Challenge so I was checking the content. It would be fine for Monster to read next year if he is interested in it.

 Munchkin's read aloud choices for the week, though we also read Christmas Wombat as part of our Christmas book each night tradition.

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