Saturday, September 3, 2016

Term Three: Week Seven ~ More Natural Learning

Though there was certainly some structured, written, book work throughout this week, my photographs showcase the natural learning we did.

 This is an elaborate game/story line that Munchkin created.  He told me all about it but I should have written it down because I don't remember now.  But he built all the Duplo structures himself (top photo and left-hand photo) and then the Mega Blocks (right photo) were the bad guys I think.

The two older boys have a Pokemon game set up in the lounge room so we've blocked it off (the ladder you see in the background and toys where you see Monkey sitting) to protect the game. Lots of their free time was spent playing the game together. 

 We helped out my best friend by looking after two of her three children for a few hours on Wednesday.  I couldn't resist their beautiful faces and had to practice my black and white portrait photography on them.

Munchkin and Mr M enjoyed looking at books together. 

All three boys enjoyed building a big fort in the lounge room one day.  They had a picnic in there and discussed the possibility of sleeping in it, but decided against it in case the blankets fell down in the middle of the night. 

Monkey is enjoying reading these books out loud to Munchkin. So far he has read him two books out of nine in the series. 

 Some of the picture books we read this week.  We LOVED the Snail and Turtle book (Stephen Michael King is quickly becoming another favourite author) and the boys were THRILLED to see a new Elmer book, but the Little Bo Peep book was a dud.  Such is life, and thankfully we rely mainly on library books so we don't lose lots of money when we choose a bum book.

Finally, Monster and I read this book about Greek Gods and Goddesses.  This was our read aloud in the evenings and we enjoyed the stories.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed learning about Greek (and Roman) mythology.

Finally I have decided to showcase some of my own learning that I do during our week.
Jackie French is my all-time favourite Australian authors.  She is amazing and her writing is fabulous.  Monster is just starting to move into her historical fiction novels and really loves them.  I have been spending some of my time pre-reading some of her novels that I will have Monster read in the next few years.  This one will be PERFECT when we start studying Shakespeare.  Jackie French has also written an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet that I've read as well.  Now I need to go back and read the Shakspeare version of both and I think I will understand them MUCH better.  I NEEDED these books in high school and college/uni as I would have done MUCH better with my own Shakespeare studies had I had them!!   

This is the current stack of books on my nightstand.  No, they aren't stacked up that high (I normally keep them in two shorter piles) I just did that for the effect of the photo.  You may be able to JUST see that there are bookmarks in the top seven books.  Since taking this photo I have finished two of the books! 

I am also taking a short (5 week) online photography course and really enjoying what I'm learning.  It is high time I start learning how to use the manual modes on my camera that Charlton gave me nearly 2 years ago.  So as I learn new things I try them out.  This series of photos should have been taken in better light, but basically I was practicing changing my f-stop to change how many Lego minifigures were in focus.  SO cool - and SO exciting to be learning all that my camera can do!!

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