Friday, August 5, 2016

Term Three: Week Three ~ Cleaning House

The last of our crazy weeks.
Our landlords came on Saturday to do a rental inspection so I cleaned the house from top to bottom.  I used muscles I forgot I had, and was more physically tired by the end of it then I've been since giving birth to the Munchkin - but I'm proud of my clean house and I'm going to make sure it stays cleaner now.  From next week the boys will be back to their daily cleaning roster (mummy too) and we'll stick to it.

While I cleaned, they caught up on missed episodes of The Great Australian Spelling Bee online, used Reading Eggs and various other learning websites, played lots of Lego, read books, and enjoyed free time for playing.

Next week we return to our regularly scheduled program!!

Monkey finished another chapter book... 

Munchkin and I read these two picture books... 

And Monster made more progress on his Premier's Reading Challenge list.

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