Saturday, August 27, 2016

Term Three: Week Six ~ Learning New Skills

We often have VERY busy weekends so I try to keep Monday simple and low key. Often the boys will start on a game or some sort of construction activity first thing in the morning, and provided they are working well together, not making excessive amounts of noise, and not fighting, I allow the activity to continue and postpone our structured written work for later in the day.  

This Monday morning started off with some wooden train set constructing.  These pictures don't do it adequate justice because I simply couldn't get a photo taken from a good angle, but they built a wonderful track and then enjoyed playing with it for much of the morning. 

Monster's writing assignment for the week.  The top photo is the original paragraph that I copied from one of the Usborn books we borrowed from the library.  The second photo is his key word outline he created.  The third photo is his rough draft that he wrote using only his key word outline.  You may also be able to see pink and purple additions to the paragraph.  This was when we "dressed up" the paragraph by adding quality verbs and adverbs to each sentence.  Monster chose the words he wanted to add and I acted as his scribe.  Finally the last paragraph (typed) is his final draft that he typed on my computer and printed out after all corrections and revisions were done. 

Monkey did some beautiful drawings one day while I was reading aloud to the boys.  He has drawn these freehand while simply looking at pictures in a magazine. 

It is becoming a habit to bird watch on Thursday afternoons when we are walking home from the library.  This week we chanced upon a group of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. 

Our biggest news for the week - and hence the title for the blog post - is that Monster learned to ride a bike!  Our homeschool group sadly changed plans on us at the last minute, so rather than sulk at home, we arranged to meet up with another family from our homeschool group who was also disappointed, and enjoy an afternoon at our favourite park.  This bike is too small for Monster as it belongs to my friend's six year old daughter, but Monster said it was perfect because he could stop and start easily without feeling like he had to stretch and balance at the same time. 

Monkey enjoyed chatting with Miss G (six years old) on the swings. 

Then there was the trip home.  Hubby had driven us up to the park because we decided to take the scooters, and we were moving slowly in the morning, but I made the decision to walk/scooter home.  It is a 2.5km walk from the park to our house and I was impressed that all three boys handled it so well after 3.5 hours of hard play at the park.  Even Munchkin scootered most of the way (only walking for the uphill parts) and they all slept well.  These photos were taken on their favourite part... a street that is slightly downhill when we are headed home... so numerous trips were taken as all three boys walked their scooters back up to the top to ride again! 

Our books for the week...
Monkey is enjoying this robot series - it is too easy for him - but he is now reading it aloud to Munchkin which I think is super sweet. 

 Our picture books for the week.

Another Minecraft book that both boys read independently, we started reading our Snugglepot and Cuddlepie collection of stories, and tackled some more Ancient Greek history. 

 These two books were by far Munchkin's favourites for the week.

We read the section out of a human body book about where babies come from and what happens during puberty.  

 There is no real organization to the rest of our books here... a mix of picture books and information books as is usual with my boys.  We LOVED The Word Spy book and the boys always love learning about animals and creatures so we really enjoyed the crustaceans book, the sea creatures book and the coral reef book.

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