Saturday, August 20, 2016

Term Three: Week Five ~ Picking Up Speed

The halfway point of the term, but it still feels like the beginning to us since we had such a slow start with our crazy life issues at the start.  But I feel like we are slowing picking up speed and getting back to what I would consider "normal" for our school week and/or day.

Monkey and I had a special mother & son lunch date on Sunday to exchange a duplicate birthday present that he had received.  Therefore, our school week started out with Lego construction.  Here are some photos of Munchkin working hard to build his Mixel set.  He needed a little bit of guidance and help from his big brothers, but is slowing getting the hang of how to follow the step-by-step instructions.

 The hands-on maths pages are always a big hit with the boys.
Monkey enjoyed measuring water for this capacity page.

Not all subjects are equal in the boys' eyes though.
Can you see the enthusiasm dripping from Monkey while working on his handwriting?!? 

Munchkin LOVES his Paw Patrol game.  It is a great way for him to practice his counting skills (which are really good anyway), but also gives him practice at turn taking and playing by the rules - which are things he still struggles with from time to time!! ;-) 

The boys (I think all three of them) worked together to create this elaborate game.  I don't know much about it really - but did figure out that those are little ducks. 

Our homeschool group planned an outing to our favourite park so we were thrilled to spend the day outside enjoying the late winter weather and a chance to interact with our friends that we don't see on a regular basis.  Monkey enjoyed the chance to climb nearly to the top of the spider web. 

On the walk home we got to enjoy the neighbourhood birds that get fed regularly by an elderly gentlemen who lives a few blocks from our house. 

Our reading is picking up speed as well.
The boys were gifted a great set of Minecraft books from a friend so both Monster and Monkey have been devouring these. 

The latest Treehouse book was released so I picked up a copy when Monkey and I were on our date.  Monster devoured it in less than an hour... Monkey now wants to start reading the series. 

A couple of GREAT picture books for the week.  ANY book by Bob Graham or Jackie French is worth reading (and owning) in my opinion.  All three boys enjoyed listening to these numerous times throughout the week - usually bedtime. 

 Monster and I continue our Ancient History studies and move into Greek history. These two books were a good introduction and we are excited to dive deeper.

 Finally we have started this geography series that looks interesting... each book is about a different habit and what happens over the course of 24 hours.

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