Friday, July 29, 2016

Term Three: Week Two ~ Monkey Turns Seven

Week two was all about our middle man, who turned SEVEN!  We celebrated with presents, a special dinner, and cake on his actual birthday and then he celebrated with his friends that weekend.  Nana was here for the week so structured learning was set aside to spend time with her and enjoy a more natural learning experience.  

Nothing like a bit of sensory play with "instant snow" given to them by a friend from church who attended some of the winter festivities in the city.  The two older boys quickly worked out the the "snow" was actually the crystals you find inside disposable nappies/diapers.  It was messy but LOTS of fun. 

They spent a whole morning playing a card game they LOVE. 

 Our picture book selection.

 Our "school" reading for the week.  This version of King Midas was VERY simplified because it was from the easy reader section of the library - I'm on the hunt for a good full version.

I got this "Mighty Robot" series out from the library with Monkey in mind.  Monster already read them a few years ago, but read them all again (in one day - thus the photo above of all nine together) just for fun.  Monkey also likes them and read the first three (other photo) the first full day we had them.  I love it when I hit on something they enjoy. 

Finally Munchkin's favourite bedtime story for the week.

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