Friday, July 22, 2016

Term Three: Week One ~ Let the Celebrations Begin

The first three weeks of this new term are going to be CRAZY so expect that photos will be at a minimum.  This first week alone we have dentist appointments for all three boys (check-ups) in the middle of the week, and and 80th birthday celebration on the weekend for one of Charlton's uncles.  PHEW!!  

As the winter wears on and the temperatures slowly begin to rise, the boys can help with laundry again.  Several mornings Munchkin came out with me and would hang the socks and undies on the portable clothes airer while I hung the rest of the laundry on the line.  He was quite pleased to discover that he has grown and can reach the top rungs if he stretches a bit. 

Wednesday after the dentist appointments we enjoyed lunch at the shopping centre and then some special Lego shopping.  The boys had a budget issued to them by mum and dad, and got to use their math skills at the shop when they discovered all Lego was 20% off.  Much comparing of prices and mentally computing the discount was happening in the aisles before they carefully and thoughtfully made their decisions. 

Just some funny photos of Munchkin showing off his Lego mini-figs.  He was thrilled to be allowed to buy his first "big boy" Lego set.  He didn't even mind that his older brother had to help him (A LOT) with the building.  He just likes to display it on his special shelf, and take it out to play with it. 

On a walk to the park on Friday we spotted this hairy caterpillar. 

 Despite a crazy schedule, we still carve out a bit of time to read.

Monster even finished a chapter book.

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