Monday, July 18, 2016

School Holidays

The boys and I spent the better part of the second half of the term sick with coughs and colds so I decided that the best thing to do over school holidays was to keep things simple so we could rest and recover.  We kept outings and activities to a minimum and just enjoyed an abundance of free and unstructured time.

As is tradition now, we borrowed the iPad from our local library for the holidays. The boys had set amount of time to play each day and all three enjoyed playing Minecraft the most. 

Almost an entire day was spent soaking up the winter sunshine that spills across our dining table, while creating with Lego and enjoying plates of finger foods. 

We attended only one library event this holidays - a Roll the Ball games day.  All three boys participated though I only managed to get photos of two of them.  Our (new) favourite librarian (George) enjoyed being in the photos with them. 

In between the games, Monkey would settle down on a chair with a stack of picture books. 

We enjoyed our school holidays play date with our best homeschool friends and the boys spent the entire day switching back and forth between Lego and the trampoline. 

On a walk home from the library we came across a small flock of Rainbow Lorikeets enjoying some bread a neighbour had put out for them.  They are quite tame and allowed us to get very close.  The boys (and I) enjoyed watching them and snapping photos of them. 

I love to see the creativity that emerges when they play with Lego. 

Munchkin enjoyed the chance to play his favourite board games with daddy. 

Friends invited us to a delicious BBQ lunch that featured this lamb! 

While at the BBQ the boys spotted this strange and intriguing looking bug. 

Monster continued to work on his puzzle on the evenings that time allowed. 

We enjoyed a bonus afternoon with our best friends. 

That night we enjoyed a special family night out to watch game three of the State of Origin rugby series. 

Our friends Aimee (mum) and Ivy (daughter) were back for a visit after moving to Melbourne several months ago.  The kids were thrilled with the chance to catch up. 

Finally, Munchkin and I enjoyed a special day just the two of us while the older boys attended an all day Lego event at Aimee's church.  Since she was visiting for the weekend she attended and helped out and we got one last super short visit before she headed south again.

All in all, it was a wonderful holiday and we were refreshed and ready to tackle the craziness that would be the first three weeks of the new term...

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