Friday, April 1, 2016

Term One: Week Nine ~ Play Dates and Science Experiments

After our rather busy Easter weekend, we enjoyed a slow week recovering and winding down the term.  Aside from a few books that we read, there are no photos of the structured written work we accomplished.  Instead I chose to focus on other activities.

We started the week with a play date with some of our best friends.  The boys enjoyed games, puzzles, and the plastic construction set.  I also set up some simple collage type craft materials on the dining table and that was the hit for the day.  The boys literally spent hours crafting and creating.  Note to self: definitely plan more craft for Term 2!! 

We also enjoyed a couple of simple and fun science experiments.  The top photos are of the boys enjoying a baking pan filled with bicarb soda/baking soda and some coloured vinegar.  A chance to watch a chemical reaction, play around with colour combinations, and some fine motor practice for the Munchkin.

The second experiment (photos below) was fun but didn't work quite how it was supposed to. In watching the instructional video I decided that we need MUCH taller glasses so I will go in search of some at the $2 shops and we'll try again next term. We layered oil (vegetable at the bottom and baby on the top) with food colouring in the bottom of the glass, then gently dropped an ice cube in.  If it works you are supposed to be able to see the ice melt because the water droplets come off the ice, sink to the bottom and adhere to the food colouring... but it didn't work and the ice just sank to the bottom of the glasses.  

We look forward to trying again when we have taller glasses and we hope it will be successful next time. 

Munchkin found this adorable picture book at the library and we read it several times through the week. 

Monkey has discovered that he is capable of reading the Roald Dahl books all on his own.  He devoured these three books (above photo) all in one week. 

Monster's independent reading assignment for the week.

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