Friday, March 4, 2016

Term One: Week Five ~ Excursion

This was an exciting week as we had our very first excursion of the school year.

But first, we love it when our maths workbook pages are hands on!

Monster finished his puzzle (1000 pieces) Monday night during our read aloud session. We decided to take the rest of the week off and we'll start a new puzzle first thing next week.

Tuesday was our big day out.
We joined another family who homeschool (our best friends) and spent the day at the farm.
Because it was a week day and not a weekend session we basically had the place to ourselves.
There was one other family there with much younger children but they left much earlier than we did as we had packed a picnic lunch to enjoy there before we headed home.
The boys LOVED it and have asked repeatedly when we can go back.

We started the morning with a chance to feed bread rolls to the goats and sheep. 

When we returned to the barn it was time to give milking a try.  All three boys managed to get milk to come out, but Monkey was a bit disappointed because he only got one drop and he didn't get a second chance to try again. 

There were baby animals to hold - chicks, ducks and rabbits (not shown).  When asked what his favourite part of the day was, Munchkin said, "Holding the ducklings and the chicklings!!" 

 They also each got a chance to bottle feed a baby goat or sheep.
After that they had another chance to hold the baby animals and then we went off to the picnic areas for our food.  We ended the day roaming around having a last look at the animals and the boys enjoyed feeding them some hay.  It was a GREAT experience and a fun excursion.

Not a lot of photos from the rest of the week.  Wednesday was a quiet work day after our busy day out on Tuesday, and Thursday was a bust at the library as their internet was down.  They weather has got hot again (despite it officially being autumn) so we spent time indoors working on written work and playing together.  The two above pictures were taken Friday afternoon when I surprised Monkey with a dinosaur mural page to colour.  He is interested in learning more about dinosaurs and we have a stack of books from the library - so this fit right in. 

Finally, our books for the week.  You will notice a distinct dinosaur theme beginning...

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