Friday, March 25, 2016

Term One: Week Eight ~ Easter Week and Nana Visits

Week eight was a short and busy week.
Not only was it Easter over the weekend, but Nana came to visit for the first three days of the week.  We stuck to our normal schedule and just added in the extra activities that are included with a visit from Nana.

Monkey LOVES helping Nana in the kitchen.
She did a LOT of cooking while she was here, as she had four different requests to prepare in just three short days.  These photos show Monkey rolling out the dough for the special flat bread Nana made to go with our lunch.

 We got out to the park this week.
The boys enjoyed swinging, climbing and spinning!
I am pleased with these spinning photos I got... it took a few tries as the boys weren't too cooperative but I refused to give up.

We tried our lava lamp science experiment again - this time with Alka Seltzer.  I think the trick might be in the container... perhaps it helps if it is taller and a uniform shape. But the boys enjoyed throwing LOTS of Alka-Seltzer in (bottom photo) and watching it fizzle and then overflow. 

Nana left Wednesday afternoon so we had a special fancy lunch out all together at a nice cafe and then the boys (sort of) posed for a nice photo before she left. 

The puzzle bug has bitten Monkey.
He completed two - 300 piece puzzles - top two photos before begging for a challenge and asking to try a 750 piece panoramic puzzle.  I rigged a long piece of cardboard and away we went.  I am helping him but he is able to put in a lot of pieces on his own. 

Monster's puzzle progress through the week. 

 I don't know if anyone can actually read this - but it is the explanation behind the new Jackie French book called "Horace the Baker's Horse" (pictured above right) 

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