Friday, February 12, 2016

Week Two ~ Midweek Mayhem

Only week two of the term and I was feeling like we were getting into a good groove.

We have a subscription to Reading Eggs which is an online, phonics based, reading program and it is wonderful.  We have used it pretty consistently since the beginning of our homeschooling journey and the boys have really enjoyed it.  Monster (shown above) is working through the skills set out for older readers, while Monkey continues his work through the main reading program, and Munchkin is just starting off with the preschool components of the program.  Currently they take turns in the office using my computer (hence the headphones in case daddy is on the phone) but when their computer is fixed they will be back to working in the lounge room with the TV as their monitor.   

The older boys are making steady progress with their Christmas thank you notes. 

I found some alphabet self-inking stamps at Kmart so Munchkin gave them a try this week. 

Monster has a HUGE project this year of sorting through all his Lego sets (and there are MANY now) to see what sets are missing pieces so we can work out the best way to replace them.  I am hoping he will build a set a week - he finished this set and was even able to substitute the missing pieces from spare pieces - so very happy about that. 

The Tuesday Science Project was a big hit with the boys.  We mixed food colouring in cooking oil and then the boys dropped spoonfuls of the oil and food colouring mixture into containers of water to see what would happen. 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Monkey's facial expression in this photo.  Stay tuned... if I get really organized we will attempt an experiment from the new chemistry set week three!! 

The midweek mayhem!
Wednesday evening - as I was cooking dinner - drama unfolded!
The three boys were playing with dad and it was like a domino effect.
Monster crashed into Monkey, Monkey crashed in Munchkin, and Munchkin crashed into the Lego table - which probably would not have been a big deal - but for the Lego creation that was set up in the corner.  Legos are sharp (as anyone who has stepped on some barefoot knows)      ... thus the cuts on his eye.
Thankfully we were able to have a phone consultation with our family doctor, text him a photo of the cut, (there are some SERIOUS perks to the technological age we currently live in) and determine that stitches/glue were unnecessary. Instead we disrupted some of our Thursday as I took Munchkin to the doctor first thing in the morning for an "in person" consultation. I continue to feel blessed, and thank God frequently for the wonderful doctor we found when we moved here.  He is not only an excellent doctor, but a wonderful, caring person.

Friday was devoted to PE and socialization.  We spent the day at our favourite park with our homeschool group.  The children had a wonderful time sharing their bikes and this contraption (called the Green Machine), as well as climbing on the structures and playing in the sand.  The mum's enjoyed a chance to visit, chat, and try to brainstorm ideas for a meeting place that will allow indoor and outdoor learning time. 

For a variety of reasons there wasn't much puzzle work done this week.  The top photo is from Wednesday night and the bottom from Thursday night. 

 Finally, our book selection for the week... some are read alouds, some are early readers of Monkey's, and some are books they've (Monster and Monkey) read to themselves.

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