Friday, February 19, 2016

Week Three ~ Settling In

A rather large Huntsman spider was spotted in the kitchen in the middle of the night Sunday night/early Monday morning which we trapped in a container for release the next day.  The boys were thrilled to check him out and it sparked some natural learning experiences first thing after breakfast Monday morning.

This book is one of Monkey's favourites... we have borrowed it numerous times... read and re-read it... and he used it for some artistic inspiration. 

Using the three pages I have photographed above as reference... 

And his brand new set of textas/markers 

He created these drawings.  They have not been traced... he copied them free hand while looking at the book.  I was rather impressed when I realized what he was doing and really wish the photographs were better.  The drawings are most definitely going in his portfolio for this year. 

Tuesday was science experiment day and as promised we picked something from the chemistry set their uncle sent for Christmas.  An easy experiment to start with... growing crystals with two different chemical compounds. 

Monkey and Munchkin got the wooden train set out (which they haven't played with in ages) and together built this track.  

Monster and Monkey worked on their geography colouring books and we read about Australia in our geography book that we are using this year.  The boys are definitely VERY different when it comes to colouring... Monkey LOVES to colour and is choosing to colour not only the country we are studying, but other countries as well, hence the picture of the Egypt page.  Monster on the other hand, does NOT like to colour, and it is going to be a struggle and a chore to get him to finish this project this year.  So I will let him work slowly as long as I can see noticeable progress each week... 

This is the same track as the photo above, but with some additions by Monster.  It blew me away that all three boys put so much time and effort into the train set this week. 

Lots of progress on the puzzle this week, and we finished two history read alouds as well (see below). I imagine Monster will be done with this puzzle in another week. 

Monster finished a science book he was reading independently. 

We finished both of these history books during our puzzle time in the evening. 

 Various read alouds for all three boys along with some character development reading.

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