Friday, September 18, 2015

Term Three Evaluation ~ Monster


Read Aloud Books:
Picture Books -
** See list of picture books read to Monkey as Monster listens to all or most of them**

Chapter Books - 
** See HSIE and/or PDHPE for list of chapter books read aloud**

Independent Reading:
see written list ~ 

Other Reading Activities:
Reading Eggs online program
30 - 60 minutes of silent reading daily

Institute for Excellence in Writing Curriculum
Teaching Writing: Structure and Style program
wrote postcards to international pen pals

Foundation Handwriting Year 3

Parts of Speech Unit
* various activities to do with noun, verb, adverb and adjective

daily oral review of weekly lists as sourced from year 4 lists on the internet
(20 words per list)
written test taken every Friday
watched The Great Australian Spelling Bee on channel 10 website

Maths Plus Year 4 Textbook
Units 19 - 27 covering the following topics:
rounding numbers, factors and factorising, turns, investigating likelihood, 3-digit subtraction with trading, division, visible and invisible arms, millimetres, 4-digit addition, revising decimals, classifying angles, millilitres, 4-digit subtraction with trading, fractions of a collection, tessellations, timetables, extended multiplication, rounding to the nearest 5 cents, grid references, comparing graphs, compensation strategy, division strategies, surveys, grams, mixed addition, decimal place value, pentagons and octagons, the square metre, 4-digit subtraction with trading, tens of thousands, combining and splitting shapes, cubic centimetres, contracted multiplication, division, using a scale, and chance
Diagnostic Review 3

Maths Plus Year 5 Textbook
Units 19 - 27 covering the following topics:
3-digit division, ordering decimals, plan view, the tonne, addition and estimation, averages, reflect translate and rotate, enlargements, distributive law, reading numbers, decimals to thousandths, 24-hour timetables, 5-digit subtraction, adding and subtracting fractions, number patterns with fractions, constructing objects, 4-digit multiplication, improper fractions, chance, scale direction and coordinates, division by ten, fractions of a collection, measuring angles in triangles, perimeter, 6-digit addition, multiplication by tens, number patterns/fractions/decimals, gross and net mass, two digits multiplied by two digits, decimal place value, making objects and nets, data survey, division with zeros, GST and budgets, and interpreting graphs
Diagnostic Review 3

Scripture and Character Building:
Bible Read Aloud:
Exodus 15 ~ Leviticus 23

Geography/History - 
All books read below were read aloud as part of our Australian History Unit Study
"Meet Letty" by Alison Lloyd
"Letty and the Stranger's Lace" by Alison Lloyd
"Letty on the Land" by Alison Lloyd
"Letty's Christmas" by Alison Lloyd
"Meet Poppy" by Gabrielle Wang
"Poppy at Summerhill" by Gabrielle Wang
"Poppy and the Thief" by Gabrielle Wang
"Poppy Comes Home"by Gabrielle Wang
"Meet Rose" by Sheryl Clark
"Rose on Wheels" by Sheryl Clark
"Rose's Challenge" by Sheryl Clark
"Rose in Bloom" by Sheryl Clark
"The Camel Who Crossed Australia" by Jackie French
"My Name is Lizzie Flynn" by Claire Saxby
"How the Birds Got Their Colours" - Aboriginal Dreaming Time Story
"Lord of the Cranes"

Science and Technology:
Continued his personal blog
Learned how to edit photographs using Gimp program
Started independently composing and typing content of blog
Edited each entry with assistance from mum

Continued keeping a daily weather log ~ tracking high/low temps, humidity, and rainfall using Bureau of Meteorology website and other weather websites as necessary.  Writing collected data down in a weather notebook.

Completed various activities to do with lifecycles of frogs/toads and butterflies/moths.

Read Alouds on Various Science Topics:
Deadly Spiders and Scorpions - Andrew Solway
Really Weird Animals: Spiders
Finding Out About Great White Sharks - Greg Pyers
Blast Off! Let's Explore Neptune
Australia's Most Dangerous Sharks
Deadly Snakes - Andrew Solway
Blast Off! Let's Explore Mercury
Blast Off! Let's Explore Venus
Blast Off! Let's Explore The Moon
Blast Off! Let's Explore Comets and Asteroids
Blast Off! Let's Explore Jupiter
Blast Off! Let's Explore Saturn
Blast Off! Let's Explore Uranus
Blast Off! Let's Explore Pluto and the Other Dwarf Planets
Rainforest Insects and Spiders
Everything You Need to Know About Snakes and Other Scaly Reptiles
Tadpoles and Frogs
Bug Books - Beetle
Butterflies and Caterpillars
Tell Me the Difference Between a Frog and a Toad
Animals With Backbones
Frogs and Other Amphibians
Crabs and Crustaceans
Australian Geographic Insects
Living Nature - Reptiles
Slugs and Snails
Black Holes
What's Inside a Black Hole?
The Solar System - Saturn
Fact Cat - The Moon
Bull Sharks
Killer Crocodiles
Snakes and Lizards
My Best Book of Snakes
The Shark Book: Fish With Attitude

walk to and from the library
walk to and from the shops
walk to and from various parks
free play at various parks
riding scooter

Human Body Unit Study
Read Alouds:
Your Brilliant Bones and Marvellous Muscular System
Body Atlas: Skin Muscle and Bones
Move Your Body: Bones and Muscles - Steve Parker
The Human Machine: Digestion and Excretion - Louise Spilsbury
Your Digestive System: Understand it with Numbers
My Healthy Body - Breathing
The Circulatory System: Where Do I Get My Energy?
Your Respiration and Circulation: Understand Them With Numbers
Your Mind Bending Brain and Nifty Nervous System
Body Parts - The Eyes
Senses - Taste
Your Growling Guts and Dynamic Digestive System
Your Thumping Heart and Battling Blood System
Your Breathtaking Lungs and Rocking Respiratory System
Your Growing Body & Clever Reproductive System
The Value of Believing in Yourself - The Story of Louis Pasteur
National Geographic Kids Ultimate Body-Pedia

The Magic School Bus Series
"For Lunch" Topic: Digestion
"Inside Ralphie" Topic: Germs
"Flexes Its Muscles" Topic: Body Mechanics
"Works Out" Topic: Circulation

  • examined our fingerprints
  • viewed photographs of albino people and animals
  • traced his body on butcher paper and placed internal organs in correct places
  • conducted a "digestion" experiment with biscuits soaked in water and saliva
  • conducted the chicken bone in vinegar experiment to illustrate the need for calcium in relation to bone density

Creative Arts:
Continued to play the recorder

Weekly attendance of church and Sunday School
Numerous play dates with friends of multiple ages

Other Activities:
Played a variety of board and card games
  • Rummy-O
  • Mancala
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Skip-Bo
  • Phase 10
  • Chess
  • Memory
  • Blokus
  • Blink
Imaginative (self created) Lego games with his younger brother
Pokemon card game battles with his brother

Term School Holiday Events:
Library ~ Bingo
Library ~ Spring Crafts Day
ANSTO ~ Superhero Day

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