Friday, August 21, 2015

Term Three: Week Six ~ Excursion

The photos for this week are in random order... 

We started the week with some Magic School Bus videos that correlate with our human body unit study.  This video covered cells and the sense of smell. 

Munchkin asked for the Design Discoveries game... 

Monster worked hard on his maths... he is working through the Year 4 and Year 5 textbook simultaneously. 

Munchkin enjoyed some water play in the bathroom sink. 

We ended the week with an excursion to the city to attend "The Glow Show" at one of the popular museums that focuses mainly on science. The show itself was not that fantastic really, and I felt could have been organized and presented much better, but the boys enjoyed it and afterwards we were free to roam the rest of the museum. 

There was a special model train display at the museum and the boys spent a bit of time checking it out.  All three of them thoroughly enjoyed controlling this particular model train (seen in top picture). 

Munchkin is big enough now that he is able to explore a lot of the exhibits on his own with little or no help! 

A little Thomas the Train set with an attached touch pad that lets you control certain aspects of the scene (lights etc). 

Monkey had fun "riding" this old fashioned bicycle even though he couldn't reach the pedals! 

He was also very pleased with himself when he pedaled fast enough to power up the fire truck fully! 

We always end our time at this museum with a visit to the Wiggles portion of the museum.  While it is GREAT for learning the history of the group it is sensory overload with lots of visual and auditory sections all crammed into a small area.  But the boys LOVE it!!!  Above, Munchkin is enjoying a "fruit salad" hands on section where he can cut wooden fruits in half and create his own salad in a bowl. 

Meanwhile the big boys enjoyed a video game version of "fruit salad" making where they have to smash the fruit as it falls from the sky! 

Finally, though only Munchkin is featured in these two photos, all three boys enjoy this interactive "colouring" area where you touch the screen to add colour to the Wiggles pictures. 

Last but not least... our selection of books for the week!

 We used the DK Human book (photo above right) for some more information about senses as the library didn't have many books on the subject unfortunately.

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