Friday, August 28, 2015

Term Three: Week Seven ~ Chugging Along

As the term begins to wind down... we chug along with our learning!

Monkey is always excited when his maths page is a hands on learning page. 

We gathered the items we would need... and he got started! 

Not to be left out... Munchkin decided to conduct his own maths measuring experiments in the bathroom.  So as Monkey finished with each object, Munchkin would come collect them, carry them off to the bathroom, and measure in his own creative way! 

We are working hard at getting back into the habit of daily Bible reading. 

A good portion of one afternoon was spent sorting through and dealing with Monkey's Lego collection which was beginning to get out of hand. I was quite proud of both older boys for sticking with it and seeing the project to completion - and it took somewhere between three and four hours. 

Munchkin was quite excited to find his dinosaur puzzle (which was hidden behind some other things in the cupboard) and he eagerly put the whole thing together with very little help from me. 

Munchkin and Monster both spent a good deal of time playing with the table top bowling game I found at Kmart. 

 I am trying to include more life skills in our daily life!

The week ended with our homeschool group meeting at our favourite local park.  Munchkin and Monkey spent a lot of the day pouring over one of the other boy's Lego Ideas Book. 

 While another friend graciously helped Munchkin get over his fear of the flying fox after falling off it the last time he rode.

Finally... our read aloud selection for the week... VERY heavy on the science!  We seem to have a mini unit on space going, along with our human body unit study and our ever continuing dangerous animal obsession.  But we also enjoyed our Australian history chapter book as well!

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