Friday, August 7, 2015

Term Three: Week Four ~ Learning Through Play

We are slowly getting back into the routine of daily checklists, regular chores, and structured written schoolwork.  However, those events aren't my photographic concentration.
I prefer to capture the other examples of our learning of late... the natural learning.

I believe that play (FREE play) is important for children.  Play IS learning.  It is the child's work for lack of a better term.  So although I expect our boys to do chores which contribute to the running of the home, and they do have an amount of structured (usually written) school work that I also expect to be completed, I allow them a LOT of free time.

Here are some examples of the free time this week...

 Munchkin has discovered the soft (monster/alien) bowling set given to Monkey a few years ago.
He LOVES it!
LOVES that he can set it up and play it all by himself, or include family members if he so chooses.

 At first glance this might look like a HUGE mess...

But add this AMAZING book the boys found at the library... and you have creative genius!
After looking through the book, pouring out the Lego collection, and scouring the pieces for the bits they needed (as well as some suitable substitutes when they didn't have the exact piece)...

 This is what happened...

 Robots and little gadgets started appearing out of nowhere...

 Rather cute little things...
An entire afternoon was devoted to these little guys!

Monkey and Munchkin spent a good part of a morning in the boys bedroom playing with a balance game called Suspend!  It is amazing... and difficult!!

 Munchkin asked to to have the felt story boards out...

He loves creating different pictures with all the pieces and the various boards.

After building several robots Monkey decided to build a Lego scorpion... my photographs don't really do it much justice... it was SUPER cool!

 I did a LOT of reading aloud with Munchkin.
The above books are all his choices for the week!

 Monkey is VERY interested in dangerous animals, sharks and space at the moment so anytime we go to the library he heads straight for the non-fiction area and chooses PILES of books.

 Above are our selections for our health unit on the human body!

Above and Below: Silent Reading selections for Monster.
He is thoroughly obsessed with the Pokemon books and he is furiously working towards reading all his selections for Premier's Reading Challenge this year (below book).

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