Saturday, August 1, 2015

Super Science Saturday

Sometimes we spend part of a Saturday doing "catch up" work from the week.
This particular Saturday was dedicated to science.

 We started our "Super Saturday" with tracing both the big boys bodies.

We learned that digestion starts in the mouth with our saliva - so we conducted an experiment - putting half the cracker/biscuit in saliva and half in plain water.
The pictures don't really show it well enough but we could see that the one in the saliva was started to get mushy and break down.

 A GREAT find at the library was this series of books that looks at each body system with "numbers" so we learned all sorts of gross statistics about the digestive system!

The boys coloured their intestines and placed them on their body outline.

Finally we had a look at our chicken bone that had been soaking in the vinegar all week.
Monkey noticed that the bone was now bendy... and excellent illustration to show that calcium is extremely important for strong bones!

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