Friday, July 24, 2015

Term Three: Week Two ~ Finally Getting Outside

At first glance, from this post you might think that all we did was read again.
But I promise you we did other stuff ~ though if we only did reading that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing!

All the boys were still recovering from their various bugs and hubby was coming down with hideous germs as well so we laid low for most of the week.  We added in some maths and some handwriting but kept things VERY low key!

So to start off this post I will share the weekly "list" of picture book read alouds.
Yes, it is massive and I will not apologize for the amount of time I spend reading to my boys.
I will leave it up to you - the viewer - to work out which books were chosen by Munchkin and which were Monkey's choices.  Monster still enjoys a good picture book as well ~ and will three boys in the house you might notice a bit of toilet humor thrown in the selection!

FINALLY on Friday we had a little outing!
Our favourite park (where our homeschool group was supposed to meet) was closed for maintenance so we headed off to a different park and made a stop off at the library on the way home.  It was good to get some exercise, fresh air, and a good dose of sunshine! 
 Monster noticed this little guy out sunning himself so we all had to stop and snap some photos!

 Munchkin is VERY proud of the fact that he is big enough and strong enough now to push his brother's on the spider swing!  Monkey was not as impressed and preferred that I push him!

 Soaking up the glorious sunshine!

Monkey and Munchkin using their muscles and enjoying some climbing and pushing!

 It was SO good to get outside and enjoy a warmish winter afternoon and feel normal again! We are looking forward to health and wellness so we can get back to our normal routine of 1-2 hours of outdoor learning/play.

Finally I'll finish off this post with our more "academic" reading for the week!!
My boys pick almost exclusively two categories of books ~ picture books and information books!  With a selection of Pokemon books thrown in for good measure!! ;-)

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