Friday, July 17, 2015

Term Three: Week One ~ From Bad to Worse

Well, we started the first week of the term with the parents and the preschooler getting sick.
Thankfully (PRAISE GOD) the worst I got was a head cold with a bit of sneezing and a runny nose that saw me use the better part of a big box of Kleenex through the week.
Hubby was taken down with the chesty cough and a fever and spent the week working when he absolutely had to and otherwise coughing and sleeping.
Munchkin was the worst and experienced his first real flu complete with VERY high fever, vomiting, stomach cramps, and whole body aches.
He spent one whole day camped out on my lap alternating between sleeping and whimpering.
It was brutal... but somehow through it all we did a LOT of reading!!
Chalk up another reason why I'm thankful we can and do homeschool - you can continue learning even when you are sick!!

 Though Monster listened as well, the above photos are primarily Monkey and Munchkin's selections...

 The Letty books (top two) are a continuation of the My Australian Girl series that Monster and I are working through as read alouds for our Australian history unit and the bottom two picture books are independent books Monster read as part of the Premier's Reading Challenge.

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