Friday, July 10, 2015

School Holidays ~ Illness Abounds

Our school holidays did not turn out at all how we expected.
Illness attacked our family early in the second week of and we spent the rest of the holidays working hard to get well.  The older boys rallied well to attend an all day Lego event on the last day... but most of the time we laid VERY low!

Thank goodness for books and reading... here is my photo selection of our time.

Even during school holidays Munchkin's obsession with cutting and pasting prevails.
I LOVE that he remembers to work on the play rug AND to get a place mat for the gluing bit.

Munchkin enjoyed some colouring...

While Monkey and Monster enjoyed a paper plane folding day at the library.

 Our selection of read aloud books... yes there are some repeats... all the boys are interested in repetition when it comes to their favourite picture books!

We started the week with a wonderful play date with some friends, but that was our ONLY outing for the whole week!  Illness took the three boys down like dominoes over the next few days... we had high fevers, chesty coughs, vomiting, body aches, and stomach cramps - such joy!!  Thankfully not every boy experienced every symptom!

 The three-year-olds enjoyed some wonderful time playing together with the Duplo Legos and the train set!  So refreshing to see sharing and nice playing happening between them.

 The nine-year-olds enjoyed jumping on the trampoline!

Munchkin is getting MUCH braver on the trampoline, but still gets scared when someone else is jumping with him.  Some of the time he jumped with his best friend and the rest of the time he clung to the pole!

As the boys got sick we spent more and more time reading books all the while wondering what sort of shape we would be in next week when the new term started!

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