Friday, July 31, 2015

A Typical Library Visit

We LOVE the library!
Unless illness or horrible weather prevents it we make at least one trip to the library every week.  Sometimes more if reserved books come in or we have to quickly return something that someone else has put on reserve.

All five of us have library cards (yes even hubby though he will probably never actually use his) which means we CAN check out 150 items at any given time.
YES, we do routinely check out that much and sometime more when our favourite librarian breaks the "rules" a bit and overrules the limit! ;-)

 This photo is a stack of our picture books, information books, and board books (chosen by Munchkin).

 Our DVDs (information and for fun), a historical fiction read aloud, and ONE book for mum.

 Hubby surprised me with Harper Lee's new book so I HAD to check out To Kill a Mockingbird since I haven't read it since high school!

This is a tall, narrow bookshelf that sits in our front entryway.
It is the perfect place to keep library books separate from our home books.
The rule is if you aren't reading the books they are to live on this shelf - the only other place library books should be found is the bag that is reserved for books that have been read and are ready to be returned!
For the most part this system works well... but I paid a LOT of overdue fines before I found a system that works well for us!!

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