Friday, June 26, 2015

Week Ten ~ Natural Learning and Outdoor Play

After nearly two weeks of rainy weather we spent our last week of the term enjoying LOTS of outdoor play and some natural learning.
We made sure to go to the various parks in the morning so that we were home in the afternoon to work on the remainder of our written/structured work.

We went to our local park (closest to our house) and enjoyed chalk drawing (and treasure hunts) as well as some spinning and LOTS and LOTS of running!

An impromptu play date at the park near the Fire Station.
More spinning...
More chalk drawing...
More treasure hunts...
More running...
and some fun on the swings!

The park near the community centre...
Duck feeding was first on the agenda!
Then swings and slides...
conquering tall "mountains"...
and fun on the spider swing!
Plus a couple of fancy looking birds!

Back to the park near our house...
Spider spotting as we walk the bushwalk trails
(and a chance for me to practice my manual photography skills)!
Then swinging, spinning, and hanging around!

We finished up the week meeting up with homeschool group at the newest park.
Munchkin spent almost the entire 5 hours we were there playing with this digger.
The sand is always the main attraction at this park!

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