Friday, June 5, 2015

Week Seven ~ Monkey's Registration

Munchkin LOVES this Discovery Toy pattern block set that was mine (and my siblings) when I was younger.  He is getting quite good at figuring out what shapes he needs to create the pictures and he very rarely asks for help.
It is a joy to just watch the learning process at work.

There was much fun had with the Etch-A-Sketch and all three boys took turns drawing different designs and pictures on it.
Monster in particular was quite proud of his elephant (above photo).

Munchkin enjoyed working on a puzzle set from a friend...

While Monkey and Monster played a basketball game in the boys bedroom.

The big event of this week was that Monkey had his first official registration since he turns six in July.  The teacher in me came out even more and I actually had lots of fun displaying all our learning resources on the dining table for the Dept of Education to have a look at.  We had a different authorized person than we've had in the past, but he was lovely. He stayed for an hour and we chatted as he looked over the work I had prepared and I know what is expected of me when BOTH boys re-register in January 2016.
He is pleased with the work we have been doing and is excited to see a summary of our learning when he returns in the new year.

 Munchkin LOVES the fish magnetic puzzle that I found for him at Toys R Us.
He plays with it nearly every day.
The actual puzzle is WAY too easy for him... but using the magnetic fishing rod is fun for him and he also makes up little stories about the different sea creatures!

 Lego creations inspired by our Lego excursion from a few weeks ago!

 And finally our read alouds for the week... including Charlotte's Web which we've really enjoyed reading AGAIN!  I've lost track of how many times I've read this book to the boys in the past three years!!

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