Friday, May 1, 2015

Week Two ~ Asthma, Eye Infections, and Still More Rain

Our week started with some one-on-one time for Monster and I as both of us needed to see the doctor on Monday.  Monster was in need of an asthma review and I had an eye infection that was not responding to natural treatment with breast milk.
So, while we waited for the doctor to re-open after his lunch break, we enjoyed a lunch date at the burger shop next door!

I dare say Monster is growing again...

 Now you see it...

 Now you don't... he demolished the whole meal in just under 45 minutes!

 Munchkin drew his very first "real" (as in identifiable) picture.
This is a mummy ghost with her baby ghosts!!

It was rather belated due to a variety of issues, but we finally had our own little ANZAC day celebration.  After Munchkin went to bed the two older boys and I enjoyed a snack of ANZAC biscuits (cookies) while reading the above three books.

Friday is rained even more... cancelling a planned and much wished for trip to the park with our homeschool group... so I decided a science project was in order.
To go along with our plants unit we planted beans in a jar - so the boys can see what happens underground before we see the plant above the soil!
 We gathered our supplies...

... wrapped our paper towel and worked it into the jars ...

Then after carefully placing the beans between the paper and the side of the jar, the boys added water...

The jars now sit on the dining room window sill and the boys test the paper, water as needed, and observe any changes.  Monkey even checks his seeds several times a day!
We are hoping to see something exciting around the 3-5 day mark!

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