Friday, April 24, 2015

Week One ~ Toddler Time, Cyclones, and Men's Breakfasts

What an interesting first week of the term!
Nothing went quite as I expected... but we made it through and we are excited for what this term has to offer us!

Monday was a GREAT day out for the big boys.  They attended an all day (well 9am-3pm) Lego Building day at my friend's church.  She picked them up and dropped them off so Munchkin and I had the day at home to ourselves.

We built this Lincoln Log house together (several times as it got knocked over)...

 Munchkin helped me with some household chores...

We played with the Potato Head collection...

... and NO day is complete in this house unless it involves Legos!!

Tuesday the real fun began when the cyclone arrived!
This was indeed a Category 2 cyclone and the WORST storm Sydney has seen since I moved here.  We spent Monday ~ Wednesday huddled up in the house (it was quite cold as well) watching and listening to the torrential rain!

We had some minor flooding as you can see from these photos, but otherwise we weathered the storm much better than a LOT of people.

Despite the weather we did manage to get some structured work done (like maths pre-tests) and we did some reading aloud, I just didn't manage to photograph those events!!

Finally, although this was Saturday morning, I couldn't help but include this photo of the "men's breakfast" the boys enjoyed with daddy while I cleaned our church before we headed off to a combined 1 year old and 5 year old party for some friends!!

It was a good start to the term!!

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