Friday, December 5, 2014

Week Nine ~ Storms and Other Stuff

I am MUCH happier with my photo selection for this week compared to last week! 
Of course, this is only the highlights of our week...

Munchkin (2.5 yr old) LOVES to borrow my camera so here are a couple of photos from his point of view!  There are usually LOTS of blurry photos that I have to delete but periodically there are some brilliant ones!

 More work was done on our current puzzle - Elephants in Namibia to go with our Africa unit study.

 Fun and games before bedtime with the Munchkin who was really enjoying his new sunglasses and one of our pool noodles (which doubles as a light saber since we don't actually have a pool).

 He also had some fun spinning...

 The boys spotted this spider on a walk to check out a new park.
Munchkin took this photo - again he is beginning to surprise me with some of his photo taking skills.

 The new park is AMAZING!!  I think the boys and I will be spending a LOT of time here in the near future!  Unfortunately we picked a stinking hot day for our first visit - the good part of that was we nearly had the whole place to ourselves!

We have been having thunderstorms nearly every afternoon/evening and the boys really enjoy watching the clouds build!

Our read alouds this week focused on African animals, with a snake book added for extra FUN!

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