Friday, December 19, 2014

Week Eleven ~ Last Week of the Term

Our last week of the term included some Christmas preparation as well as winding up our structured learning time.

Monster took his maths test and did very well and I'm pleased with his spelling scores and handwriting he has completed this year as well.

So here are a few extra activities we enjoyed during our last week of this school year.

 Decorating the Christmas tree...
All three boys enjoyed the chance to decorate this year.

Munchkin enjoyed helping daddy mow the lawn.

We got several books read through the course of the week... despite adding an unscheduled trip to the doctor's office into our week.

 Finally, the most exciting point in our week was spotting a Tarantula Hawk (or Spider Wasp) dragging away his catch of a Huntsman Spider across our yard and into the neighbour's driveway.

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