Friday, October 17, 2014

Week Two ~ Rain, Hail and an Unexpected Trip to the Dentist

Our second week of school didn't turn out quite how I hoped, or planned!
Therefore, I have hardly any photos of our structured learning time.
On Thursday I had to take Monster to the dentist to explore why it looked like another tooth was coming in above one of his permanent front teeth.  Turns out it is a fragment of his baby tooth and it will be pulled on 6th Nov if it doesn't come out on its own (sort of like a splinter). So that threw our week totally out of whack!

 We started the week with a CRAZY storm... torrential rain, some hail, wind, and then a GORGEOUS sunset to finish it off!

 Munchkin enjoyed watching Monkey look for lion stickers for his letter "L" page!

 Monkey enjoyed playing with the marbles and the wooden track toy!

We had a late night visitor - and when hubby tried to put him outside he ran behind the bookshelf seen in this photo and it took us two days of waiting for him to reappear and let us put him outside! Thankfully he is only a Huntsman and not dangerous!

Munchkin is LOVING his puzzles!!

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