Friday, October 24, 2014

Week Three ~ Read Alouds

We have more or less abandoned our Letter of the Week Program.
I'm hoping we will finish it over the summer.
Time will tell - but right now Monster is showing no interest and I am not going to fight him.
He is learning A LOT in LOTS of different ways and that is all that matters.

Week three saw us doing LOTS of reading aloud.
We have a HUGE collection of library books at the moment so we are working our way through those... some of them correlate with our studies... others don't... but life is all about learning even if it doesn't fit within a timeline or a schedule!

 Above is our selection of books that we worked our way through this week. Along with these we continued to read our chapter book about Cockatoo Island that we started in week one.  Obviously the Africa books are chosen deliberately to go with our unit study, but the other books are purely interest based choices, primarily chosen by Monkey.

The Munchkin asked to do some gluing one day so I decided to cut up some coloured paper which I placed in a bowl and gave to him along with his glue stick and the piece of white paper.  I glued one piece of paper on to show him what to do and then walked away to finish what I was doing.  Later he brought me his finished masterpiece and I was stunned... it is definitely going in his notebook of special work for the year!

 Monster and I spent an evening working on his puzzle together and we made a LOT of progress... but as with all our other work sessions, he placed many more pieces than I did.

We finished off the week with "Friday Fun Day" which focused on Science and Technology.  After his spelling test Monster enjoyed a science experiment where we added vinegar to warmed up milk... which was supposed to turn the milk to plastic!  I'm not sure if the curdled mound we got was what was supposed to happen (perhaps the milk was too warm) but Monster seemed interested in the reaction just the same.

Finally our Lego Challenge for this week was  to build a catapult and use it to shoot a ping pong ball.  Monster built the device and then Munchkin got in on the action when it came time to test it.

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