Friday, September 5, 2014

Week Eight ~ Letter Nn

A rather eclectic collection of photos... hardly any of which prove that we learned about the letter Nn this week!  But such is life...

 Monkey working hard colouring in his numbers for his Letter N page

 Monster working on some maths

Munchkin enjoyed this magnetic Thomas the Tank Engine board

 We found this Harlequin Bug in the front yard.
The boys named him Benny and kept him and observed him for a few days before letting him go again.

 Munchkin did some sorting and grouping!

 We had a Lego Challenge...
Monkey chose to make a Lego marble maze...

 While Monster chose to build a tall tower.

 We finished off the week with a science experiment.
Can you pick up ice with only a piece of string?

Monster discovered that when you add salt... you can indeed pick up ice with a piece of string!

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