Friday, July 18, 2014

Week One ~ Letter Cc

We enjoyed lots of fun activities in our first week back to structured learning.
Along with our normal "book work" we enjoyed marshmallow/toothpick constructions, we studied the moon phases, and we discovered colour by number pictures!
There are quite a lot of photos for this week... enjoy!!

I will highlight the boys one at a time...
Monster first!
 He spent the good portion of one day reading a compilation Spider Man comic book of his father's that he found in the office!

Marshmallow constructions - 2D and 3D

A Moon Phases colouring sheet

Moon Phases Oreo Cookie Activity

Hands-On Math with Lego Manipulatives to assist in learning the difference between rigid and non-rigid shapes!


Monkey's Learning Activities

Some paper cutting practice to strengthen his fine motor skills.

Capital and lower case "Cc" writing in his Handwriting Without Tears book.

More writing practice...

 Enjoying a pattern colouring sheet

 The marshmallow construction took a LOT of concentration and patience for him.

Moon Phases Colouring sheet

... and oreo cookie activitiy

LOVED that there was a letter C colour by number sheet (above)
and some more writing practice (below)

 He just couldn't get enough of the colour by number pages!!

Last but certainly NOT least... Munchkin!!
He had to do everything the big boys were doing...
 His "Cc" handwriting

 I was VERY impressed with his marshmallow construction as he very deliberately and carefully made a long row of toothpicks each with a marshmallow on either end!

His attempt at the Moon Phases colouring sheet.
Sadly, I did NOT allow him to participate in the oreo cookie moon phase activity as that would have been more drama than we needed in our day.  He helped daddy do some grocery shopping instead and perhaps we will repeat the activity next year!

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