Friday, March 21, 2014

Week Seven - Review Week

For our first review week we revisited the letters: Ff, Bb, Mm, Tt, Rr, and Aa
First up was a review of the letter Ff and a LOT of work to do with frogs!

 Monkey got some cutting practice time during one of our activities.

Both boys enjoyed discussing the differences and similarities between frogs and toads andthen putting together this Venn Diagram about them.

 Monkey's frog aboriginal colouring in

Below - our selection of read aloud books about frogs.

 Monkey LOVES to use his Bingo dot markers so I found these GREAT letter mazes for him to complete.

 Tree Frog and Orange Frog craft projects.

Some extra writing practice for Monkey

Lots of reading aloud about butterflies and birds!

One morning I woke up to find that the boys had created their own beautiful butterflies!
Monkey's is the top one and Monster's is on the bottom.

 Monkey is putting together a book to showcase his alphabet work which I will be talking about in an upcoming blog post.  Here is a picture of him working on the Mm collage page.

Our selection of read aloud books about the moon.

 And some turtle craft on Thursday afternoon.

Friday morning we headed to homeschool group.
As we walked to the library where our group meets, the boys spied this Red Back Spider with an egg sac.  Don't worry - I used my super zoom so I have actually taken this close up photo from a safe distance away!

 Homeschool group had a science theme again.
The boys enjoyed ping pong ballraces on the floor.

 Monster attempted to pick the ping pong ball up off the table with the straws.

Then we had a bit of Saturday school!!
 Munchkin enjoyed a sensory activity.
I taped clear contact paper (sticky side up) to the highchair tray and let him sprinkle rice and pasta all over it.  Quite messy but LOTS of fun.

Meanwhile the big boys worked on macaroni rainbow craft projects.
This finished product will be showcased in an upcoming blog post.
Stay tuned...

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