Friday, February 21, 2014

Week Three - Letter Mm

Week three was a good week with time spent with Nana and the usual let down from birthday excitement.  Monkey studied Mm for his Letter of the Week program and all the boys enjoyed their learning experiences this week.

Here are some of the highlights from our week...

 Nature walks with Nana

 Daddy oversees the Tuesday morning ritual with Munchkin of waiting for the rubbish and recycling trucks to come past.  Both men wave to the boys and the recycling truck driver even beeps his horn!

 Some sensory play for Monster as he enjoyed playing with a playdough farm that his cousins gave him for his birthday!

 Monkey gets some life skills lessons with Nana and helps grate mounds of carrot for dinner!

 We worked together as a family one afternoon nap time to complete this puzzle.

 We enjoyed a rather epic late summer rainstorm.  Then the next day (which was bright and sunny) I decided to have painting in the afternoon. I took full advantage of the extra pair of hands since Nana was still visiting with us!

Monkey painting a monkey.

Marble painting...

More marble painting...

 Munchkin was even able to get into the act with some finger painting.
I tried out a homemade, edible, non-toxic recipe I found on Pinterest.
I was not happy with the consistency... WAY too thick... so I need to experiment some more but Munchkin still thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

 Monkey's completed M's (well almost - we had to track down more foam letter stickers)

 His bush fire picture.

Monkey and Meerkat and Monkey paper plate art projects.
Monkey's on top and Monster's on the bottom!

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