Monday, February 3, 2014

The Beginning of Tot School

Munchkin is participating in something called "Tot School"!
It is not really school at all but rather intentional experiences set up for the child that allows for learning while playing.
I do not expect or force Munchkin to participate in any of the activities and he is free to play with them/experience them whenever he chooses.
The biggest trick really is to allow him time to experience the activities WITHOUT any help from his older brothers!

 We have this small white bookshelf in the playroom that is just perfect for Tot School.
This is a pretty basic start but I hope that as we go along I will play more exciting experiences for him.  On the top shelf he has small farm animals and an empty coke bottle with pipe cleaners.
The middle shelf holds his shape sorters (one plastic and one wooden).
The bottom shelf held bowls with pom poms and a pot with kitchen utensils.
I didn't try to tie his items in to our weekly theme at all but I will in the future!

 He finds the wooden shape sorter much more difficult than the plastic one (and it is) so he often fills it by simply removing the lid and throwing the shapes back inside.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph him when he played with the plastic shape sorter and was putting the shapes in the correct holes.

 Using the kitchen tongs to transfer the pom poms from one bowl to the other.

 He loves drawing on paper with his Crayola Pip Squeaks.

An added activity that wasn't on display in the shelves was marbles in another empty water bottle.
This activity was carefully monitored (hence he was strapped in the highchair) and he enjoyed pouring the marbles into the tray and then putting them back in the bottle one at a time!

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