Friday, December 20, 2013

Term Four Evaluation

Read Aloud Books:

DK: The Greatest Intergalactic Guide to Space Ever by the Brainwaves
- Stars of the Show
-Our Star
-Starry Starry Night
-Recycled Universe
-Meet the Family
-Home Planet
-Best Mate Moon
-Sun Baked World
-Holiday On Mars
-Ring of Rubble

DK: The Most Explosive Science Book In the Universe by the Brainwaves
-Good Vibrations
-Heat Wave
-Let There Be Light!
-Beyond the Rainbow
-Endless Energy
-Brute Force
-Hard at Work
-It's All Relative
-Powerful Attraction
-Shocking Behaviour
-Bright Sparks
-Electric Chemistry
-Bursts of Ideas
-Future Science

Finding Out About Great White Sharks - Greg Pyers
Again! - Emily Gravett
Chesney Runs Into Trouble - Kes Gray
Banana Skin Chaos - Lilli L'Arronge
Superfrog! - Michael Foreman
I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato - Lauren Child
One Blue Sock - Emily Ballou
If I Ran the Zoo - Dr Seuss
Hunches in Bunches - Dr Suess
McElliot's Pool - Dr Suess
Everything You Need to Know About Sharks and Other Creatures of the Deep
How Animals and Plants Survive in Australia's Oceans and Coasts - Greg Pyers
The Octonauts and the Scary Spookfish
Australian Habitats Oceans - Greg Pyers
The Water Cycle - Water in Oceans by Isaac Nadeau
Australia's Most Dangerous Sharks and Their Relatives - Kathy Riley
DK Eye Wonder - Ocean
Oceans and Seas - Catherine Chambers
Australia's Most Dangerous Spiders - Australian Geographic
Panda - Judy Allen
Daisy and the Puppy - Lisa Shanahan
The Dragon's Lie - Kim Lardner
Jandamarra - Mark Greenwood
Mr McGee and the Elephants - Pamela Allen
Bear and Chook - Lisa Shanahan
Bear and Cook by the Sea - Lisa Shanahan
Everything You Need to Know About Snakes and Other Scaly Reptiles
Earth's Changing Coasts

** We read aloud MANY more books than this - please see printed list **

Independent Reading:
see written list

Other Reading Activities:
13 Storey Treehouse audio book

Maths Plus Year 3 textbook
Maths Plus Year 2 textbook

Excel Basic Skills English and Mathematics Year 2:
Units 24 - 30 and Test 4

Foundation Handwriting 2

wrote and illustrated his own Angry Birds book (comic book style)

Scripture and Character Building:
Bible (read aloud) Ezekiel 15 - Luke 10
Book of Virtues by William Bennett
Big Ideas in the Bible by Chuck Swindoll
My Bible Friends

Science and Technology:
Octonauts Ready for Action DVD
Salvatore Vecchio Present "The Kingdom of the Oceans" DVD
DK: The Greatest Intergalactic Guide to Space Ever by the Brainwaves
(see above read aloud list for topics)
DK: The Most Explosive Science Book in the Universe by the Brainwaves
(see above read aloud list for topics)
David Attenborough Special - "Natural Curiosities" on TV
David Attenborough Africa Series - TV
Magic School Bus DVD #3
Wild Planet North America Series - TV
David Attenborough Life with the Baboons special - TV
Magic School Bus DVD
- "Meets Molly Cule" about molecules
- "Cracks a Yolk" - about eggs
- "Goes to Mussel Beach" - about tidal zones
The Private Life of Plants DVD - David Attenborough
- Episode 1: Travelling
David Attenborough Lion Special - TV

daily oral review of weekly lists as sourced from year 2 lists on the internet
written test taken every Friday

walk to and from the library
walk to and from the shops
walk to and from various parks
free play at various parks

Creative Arts:
painted bushfire pictures
various fish crafts (paper craft)

weekly attendance of Sunday School
weekly attendance of story hour
scheduled play dates with friends

Other Activities:
Imaginative Play - created a shop with Jeremy, made own money, bought toys from each other
Planted tomato seedlings with his grandmother

Sydney CBD - International Fleet Review and Christmas lights and decorations

Homeschool Group Topics:
Sculpture Day 

Third Term School Holiday Events and Christmas Events:
Riverwood Library - craft day
Riverwood Library - Bingo
Earlwood Library - check out books and visit favourite librarian
Riverwood Library - Games Day
ANSTO - Halloween
Riverwood Carols on the Corner
Mascot Carols at the Park
Children's Church Christmas Party
Earlwood Library Story Hour Christmas Party
Carols by Candlelight - Kareela

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