Friday, April 12, 2013

Term One - A Photo Review

The first term of the school year was interesting to say the least.
Organization was not my strong suit.
Adjusting to teaching while wrangling a MOBILE toddler was more difficult than I first anticipated.
I had grand ideas for "A Day in the Life" posts and elaborate descriptions of our learning time.
It was not to happen!

But school and learning prevailed even if my photography and blogging don't show it.
So before I do my written review with the long list of work we accomplished, I thought I would give my readers a photo review.

Here is a selection of some of the things the boys enjoyed...
NOTE: Munchkin is only highlighted in one photo as I have yet to get organized enough to begin Tiny Tot School with him!!

Monster is enjoying writing more.  He has a handwriting workbook this year and is putting MUCH more effort into his writing.  A pen pal program is helping him with this as he writes to two friends here in Australia and also the son of a university friend of mine in the states! 

Monkey enjoyed working with his letters and numbers, doing some matching games, and working on puzzles.  He ALWAYS enjoys some good arts and crafts or painting as well.  My plan for him during second term is to start a letter of the week program with him. 

Munchkin toddled around playing with his toys and exploring his world.  Here he enjoys chasing the fit ball around the play room.  I hope to do some Tiny Tot School with him more to spend some focused one-on-one time with him then to "teach" him formally. 

The big boys enjoyed time to play games together and work on art projects together. 

Whenever we are out and about in the neighbourhood we keep our eye out for nature! 

This is only a small sample - but we did do LOTS of reading!!

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