Monday, February 20, 2012

"School" for Monkey

I get lots and lots of questions about how homeschooling works for our family.
So periodically I will address questions and issues that people raise.
One question people ask me a lot is how I manage school with Monster while also looking after Monkey, who will turn three in July.

I don't want to do anything too formal with him yet... mainly because he is showing no interest in formal schoolwork. So we go with the flow and I follow his lead. Most days he plays with toys and does a good job of finding his own thing to do.

But often times he wants to "do school" like his big brother. So I give him a little activity... or he will ask for something specific he wants to do.

On this particular day...

While Monster sat at the kitchen bench (counter) doing his book work...

Monkey sat at the dining room table and drew circles... LOTS of circles...

Then he moved to the art easel and drew even MORE circles...
they seem to be an obsession!!

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