Friday, February 24, 2012

Gardens and Bugs

Our homeschool group has been doing unit studies this term.
This particular week was part of our garden and bugs study.
The children REALLY seemed to enjoy the activities and topics for the day!

There was play dough to explore and play with while we waited for everyone to arrive.
All the children enjoyed it but especially the "pre" preschoolers!

Observing AND feeding the Venus Fly Trap was probably the highlight for everyone - adults included!

We examined the root system of this pea plant.

This giant garden slug would have to be Monster's second favourite part of the day.

Having a close look at a Cicada shell.

Then it was time for some craft.
"B" enjoyed making a flower garden.

"A" also enjoyed creating some flowers...

Some of the finished products.

Monkey made his own special creation!

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