Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fun Day

Friday dawned rainy and dreary and too yucky to travel to homeschool group so we stayed home and I planned a full day with lots of extra activities. The boys had a blast and I really enjoyed myself as well.

First off, I decided it was high time to let the boys have some fun with water colour paints.
So I draped the dining room table with thick layers of newspaper, put a bib on Monkey, and let them go. I wasn't sure how they would like it or how long they would stick with it, so I was pleasantly surprised when they painted for well over 90 minutes.
I have some beautiful pictures to put in to their new art books for this year.

The weather was cool enough to allow some baking.
We decided to make a batch of ham, cheese, and zuchinni muffins.
The boys LOVE them and Monster really enjoyed helping by grating all the zuchinni for me even though his arms got quite sore.
Below is the finished product and boy were they yummy!!

The boys had received a gingerbread cookie decorating kit for Christmas from some friends of ours so I set them up at the table with everything they would need.

I put the frosting on Monkey's cookie for him, but with the help of the small spoon, he was able to place his sprinkles pretty much exactly where he wanted them.

Monster's finished product was pretty spectacular.

And though this is only one example, we did do some book work throughout the day as well.
I am looking forward to more Friday Fun days!

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