Monday, August 1, 2011


Next I need to introduce you to the main subjects of this blog.
As this blog will remain public, I am choosing to use nicknames for the boys.
Never fear, these are nicknames of love, and both boys enjoy hearing them and respond to them in a positive manner.
So allow me to introduce...

The Monster
He is 5 years and (nearly) 6 months old.
He loves ANYTHING active: running, jumping, flying, hopping, ect.
Aeroplanes, trains, buses, construction equipment and vehicles of all sorts interest him.
He is very inquisitive and asks a million questions a day.
He is talkative but also extremely articulate.
He knows all his letters and numbers.
He writes well.
He can do simple addition and subtraction.
He has recently learned to read.

The Monkey

He has just turned 2 years old.
Like his big brother he thinks aeroplanes, trains, buses and vehicles of all description are amazing.
He loves music and hardly a day goes by when he doesn't either ask for music to be played, or uses one of his musical toys.
He is developing a great imagination and spends long periods of time playing with his plastic dinosaurs, farm animals, or Bob the Builder figurines.
He can easily put together simple puzzles.
He knows many nursery rhymes and will do the hand motions as we sing.
He LOVES to wear hats - indoors as well as outdoors.

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  1. Hello to you...and to your two boys!

    Welcome to the homeschool adventure... I'm looking forward to catching up with you via your blog now and again (whenever I get around the blogosphere).

    I found you from AussieHomeschool. :)