Saturday, October 10, 2020

October School Holidays: Week Two ~ Grubs, Germs, and Painting

Our final week of school holidays ~ how time flies when you are relaxing and having fun. Secretly I'm always glad to have a new term or new year start as the lack of schedule and routine drives me just slightly batty by the end of it. So we have enjoyed our "time off" and now we are ready to tackle some more structured learning for our fourth and final term of this historic year.

Our weekly haul from the library shows that we are still on holidays, with the exception of our first loan for the new term... I will be reading Robin Hood aloud to Monkey and Monster.

While doing some gardening in the front yard hubby unearthed a witchetty grub which brought us all running outside to have a look at it. After admiring it and photographing it, hubby made sure to put it back in the ground where he found it.

The many sides of Munchkin this week... He started the week with what I think was a low blood sugar crash (due to forgetting to eat breakfast) and spent about half the morning resting on the lounge. The end of the week saw him FINALLY enjoying the painting day that I've been promising him for AGES!!

LOTS of free reading was enjoyed this final week of the holidays. Above are all the books that Munchkin devoured during the week. He is the one child who can read regardless of noise or activity around him, so he reads the most every week by a long shot!

My rule for daytime and evening read alouds was that I wouldn't start any new books. Instead we focused on finishing the books that we had been reading for long periods of time. We FINALLY finished reading Earth: The Definitive Visual Guide, and it was SO worth the time and energy we put in to it. To give you an idea of how long we've spent on this book... it was in the HUGE pile of books I borrowed RIGHT BEFORE the lockdown back in March!!

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  1. It's always awesome to finish those books and series you have lying around the house. Well done. I'd love to see the finished paintings tooπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘