Saturday, February 22, 2020

Term One: Week Four ~ Self Directed Learning

My selected photos from this week focus on the boys' self directed learning choices for the week. These activities were done after their written, seated work was finished for the day.

 Munchkin and I enjoyed playing games together... Rat-a-Tat-Cat is featured on the left, and a magnetic version of Hang Man is featured on the right.

One afternoon a Crimson Rosella spent some time snacking on the pomegranate fruit. We managed to snap several photos through the office window as we admired him. The picture quality is a bit lower than normal because the photos were taken through the screen on the window. 

Monster enjoyed trying out his new remote control helicopter. He received it as a birthday gift from a friend of ours at church and he absolutely LOVES it! He is getting quite good at being able to control it while he flies it. 

Munchkin spent some time working on his stop-motion Lego story. 

While Monkey worked on some picture editing using the Gimp program on the computer. 

 During our walk to the library on Thursday, we spotted this beautiful spider with a recent catch in her web. We stopped and watched her get ready to wrap the bug before continuing on our way.

Friday was spent at the park with our homeschool group... among the group activities was a game of "Lava Tips" which is a group game that Monkey invented and then taught to all his friends. Even some of the younger members of our group (2-3yrs old) are able to play this game. 

Munchkin finished this funny puzzle that was given to him for Christmas by a dear friend of ours. It is the first 300 piece puzzle that he has completed all on his own. The only help I gave him was to separate the edge pieces from the inside pieces before he started. 

Monkey is REALLY enjoying the Bushrangers unit study we are doing this term. 

 Evening read alouds for Monster... we found learning a bit about the history of games really fascinating... and the Industrial Revolution is amazing to study in depth as well.

 More evening read aloud selections for Monkey... both of the older boys are enjoying the Marly books and think it is hilarious that they take place when I was young.

An independent reading selection for Monster...

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