Saturday, August 3, 2019

Term Three: Week Two ~ Saying Good-bye

Week Two of the term started off with an after church excursion. My mum wanted to ride on a ferry, and Sundays are a flat rate price for public transport all day long, so it made sense to do an excursion on Sunday.  After church we took the train to Circular Quay, had lunch (fighting off a mob of seagulls to eat out in the sunshine), and then boarded the ferry for our trip to Cockatoo Island. The boys and I hadn't been there for about four or five years, so it was exciting for all of us.

Monkey and Munchkin getting ready for the scavenger hunt... you can pick up little booklets in the bookstore with clues for what to look for as you explore the island. 

You can camp at Cockatoo Island... you can stay in these fancy tents, or bring and pitch your own tent!  I might have to look into this further. 

 A lot of industrial work went on at Cockatoo Island in years past... interesting to read about how all the heavy machinery was used!

I couldn't resist photographing these beautiful flowers... they are one of my favourites to take pictures of!!  And the lighting was perfect with the yellow/orange colours. 

A close up of the symbols on the back of the boat in the above photo. 

The solitary confinement cells... 

Munchkin standing next to a  cut-out of a convict from the island. 

We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset while waiting for our ferry to come and take us back to Circular Quay! 

Finally, I quickly snapped these photos of the lights at Circular Quay before we boarded the train home. 

 Mess = creativity
The boys dumped out the purple box of mixed Legos (the ones waiting to be sorted) and built things with them. Monkey created this little robot being as part of his building fun.

Puzzle progress... 

Munchkin's crystals  are FINALLY starting to grow... despite the cool temperature in the dining room. 

More puzzle progress... 

 Our pea plant is FINALLY growing peas!!!

 Daddy, Monkey and I are the only ones who LIKE snow peas so we enjoyed a nice treat.

 Friday, sadly, we had to send my mum back to America. 

Just before we left for the airport though, our dear friend snapped a lovely family photo of us all together. 

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