Saturday, December 22, 2018

Summer School Holidays ~ Week One

Our summer school holidays are off to a great start.

Monday morning we were off to the library again. I needed to sort out the renewal of my library card, the boys wanted to try out the new computers, and we needed to get more information about the summer reading challenge! The two photos above are of the beautiful new computer room. TWELVE computers (instead of just five) and fast internet speeds. The boys are in heaven. 

Tuesday was our postponed end of year homeschool group Christmas party get together. It was windy and cool(ish) but the boys didn't care. They begged to go in the water. 

 Thanks to my friend Jodi teaching us the proper way to play Othello, we enjoyed playing the game at home this past week!

Thursday is still our "normal" library day so we packed up all the books we were ready to return, and headed there again. For those of you who may be wondering, the new library is only 300 metres further down the road from the old library, so still within walking distance for us.  This is the beautiful new children's section and above where the boys are sitting is the study area. When we go to the library next week I'll try to take some "photo tour" type pictures to give a better idea of the layout! 

The excitement of Friday was the storm system that arrived late in the afternoon. This is the size hail we got (for all of about one minute) but other suburbs got poached egg and cricket ball sized hail - which brought wide spread damage to roofs and cars! I am EVER so thankful that we mostly got rain and LOTS of thunder and lightning! 

We finished off the week with more games... Monster and I played a couple games of Codenames, and daddy played several games of Blokus will all three boys!! 

 We read a LOT of books this week. The boys and I worked through a stack of Christmas picture books... all three boys finished some independent reading for the summer reading challenge at the library... and Monster and I finished an EXCELLENT book about how the Aboriginals managed and cultivated this land before 1788!


  1. My kids love splat the cat too. This is such a brilliant way of recording how your doing learning. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Will have to check out the Library one day.