Saturday, September 1, 2018

Term Three: Week Six ~ Cooking and Drawing

Week Six is upon us.
The term is officially half over.
Spring is around the corner.

Monster, hard at work on his mini-research report about Confucius. This will conclude his Ancient China unit study for history. 

Munchkin LOVES math. He will be 3/4 of the way through his Year 2 textbook by the end of the term. He is now a full year ahead of his age/grade. 

The boys spent a morning making Indian flat bread with Nana. She surprised them by shaping one to look like a fish.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch that day. 

Monkey is Nana's special helper when she makes the bread. 

 Most of Monkey's spare time is spent drawing again.

Munchkin is attempting to write short books on Reading Eggs. 

 Picture book choices for Munchkin...

 Monster's Independent reading (left) and an evening read aloud selection (right).

Read aloud selections for Monkey... 

 More picture book choices for Munchkin...

The older boys LOVE these books... 

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