Saturday, June 30, 2018

Term Two: Week Nine ~ Wrapping Things Up

Despite our extremely disrupted term, and the fact that we missed three weeks with the funeral and illness, we finished up our written work this week ~ one week early!  So we're calling an end to our term and will enjoy an extra week of school holidays. We will still do LOTS of reading and also some fun, hands-on stuff, but our book work is done.

Monster LOVES his online Latin program so much that he is planning to work on it through the school holidays. 

Monkey enjoyed using our vast marble collection to help him with his page on division. 

We got outside this week!
Will illness and then several days of rain, we were housebound for a couple of weeks and we were all going a little bit stir crazy. But finally the sunshine has returned so we spent an afternoon walking a rather long trail/track that we found recently. We were thrilled to chance upon these funny looking mushrooms, and of course I had to photograph them. 

 Just before heading home we caught sight of this echidna wandering around. He was looking for a way to get through the fence, so we had ample time to watch him and photograph him.

 Another day we decided to walk the boardwalk to one of our nearby playgrounds. On the way there we chanced upon these interesting and beautiful looking birds.

While the boys watched the birds I experimented with some black and white photography. 

 Finally we got to the playground.
The boys played on the equipment while I walked some laps on the footpath, and then we headed home in time for dinner and evening routine.

Monster finished the last book in this Lemony Snicket series... 

 Picture book selections for Munchkin... including some PRC.

 Our electricity/magnetism unit has led us down a rabbit hole about migration. So I read these two books aloud to Monster and we learned which animals use the earth's magnetic field to migrate.

LOTS of picture books for Munchkin... PRC finishes the end of August so all three boys are working hard to finish their required reading before the cut off date. 

 Two PRC selections for Monster that he read independently. I allow picture book selections for him when the content is extremely mature.

 And finally, more picture books for Munchkin, three of which are PRC.

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