Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How I Plan

I am finding more and more (especially now that I have three students all at different grade levels) that people are asking me HOW I do my planning. So I thought I would do a quick blog post to give you some basic ideas. I'm happy to answer further questions from here.

** Side note**
I've uploaded these photos full size so you should be able to click on the images for a closer look. I'm not entirely sure what this will do to those of you who receive an email of my posts, so if I clog your email up I apologize.

 A new net friend of mine made up these wonderful google documents so I have a quick overview of what the boys and I will be studying for the next two years.  I haven't fully decided what topics Monkey and Munchkin will study for PDHPE and Creative Arts which is why these areas are blank. The first column is Monster, the second is Monkey, the third is Munchkin.

Once I've browsed our overview, I go to our library bookshelves to choose what topic we'll be reading about for the week. 

The top shelf holds our library DVDs, our chapter read alouds, and the Beast Quest books and Star Wars books the boys are reading independently. 

The second bookshelf houses our science, history and geography books. 

Finally the bottom shelf holds Munchkin's picture books and the large collection of Star Wars books they seem to need to have ALL the time!! 

Then I sit down and make out calendar pages for each boy...
This is Monster's schedule... 

This is Monkey's schedule... 

And this is Munchkin's.
As they complete work I tick it off... if we do something extra I write it in and if we don't complete something I cross it off.  For Science, HSIE, Tech, Latin, PDHPE, Creative Arts and Social I write in what we read or do in relation to what unit study we are working on.

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