Saturday, November 18, 2017

Term Four: Week Six ~ Science Excursion

An exciting week for us!
Our besties are back in town for a few weeks so we ditched school and had a science excursion in the city... spending the day at The Powerhouse Museum.

Waiting for the train to arrive... 

 I tried to get a good photo of Munchkin and his bestie.... BUT this happened!!

The boys and I had NEVER seen this clock before... our friend's pointed it out to us! It has some pretty impressive historical significance. 

Another space we had never seen before... and we had it completely to ourselves since we stayed until closing.  There were a couple of school groups there but they left after lunch.  We arrived at lunch time, so perfect for having the whole museum to ourselves!! 

The older crew enjoyed folding origami hearts and skulls. 

Munchkin and his bestie took turns putting together the skeleton puzzle. 

 Life size Operation game... SO COOL!!

 We are keen to go back to The Powerhouse Museum to have a closer look at Project Baxter. But by this time we were seriously crunched for time.

I love the look on Monkey's face in this photo... all three of my boys LOVE this experiment. 

Having to pedal to light up the lights on the fire engine is ALWAYS popular with my boys. Munchkin is just about tall enough to get it moving himself now. 

It took them awhile, but the boys finally figured out they needed to work together to get the arch built. Again, something that would have been more enjoyable if we had more time. 

Monster and I finished these books during our evening read aloud time. 

 Monkey and I finished another Series of Unfortunate Events book...

A fun lunch time read aloud... 

Munchkin's read aloud selections for the week.

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