Saturday, October 7, 2017

Sept/Oct School Holidays

This school holidays was probably the most relaxed and unstructured school holidays we have ever had, but BOY did we need it.  We just took the opportunity to chill out.

The weather has been beautiful so we spent quite a few days outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.  We have "rediscovered" this brilliant playground just a quick 10 minute walk from our house.  It has everything... a playground, a grassy areas, track for riding bikes and scooters or for hiking, a toilet and a water bubbler.  There is even a brick walking track around the playground so while the boys run around and play, I get my exercise and walk circles around the track. 

Monster spent a couple of nights working on his jigsaw puzzle while I read to him.  He is making very good progress and is keen to finish it!

A different day... a different park... climbing was the theme!!

We spent one afternoon at the library for a wild animal show!  The boys were in HEAVEN! 

We got to see this Ring Tailed Possum... 

A Blue Tongue Lizard 
(sadly I couldn't quite time my photo to catch him poking out his tongue) 

I really enjoyed seeing and learning more about this Gray Headed Flying Fox. 

The highlight for the boys was the Tawny Frog Mouth... which is a bird NOT an owl! 

First the Wildlife Specialist fed him... (meal worms)... 

And then Monkey got to feed him... for being the first one to know that Tawny Frog Mouths are birds NOT owls!  We LOVE Tawny Frog Mouths and have read LOTS of information about them, so I wasn't surprised at ALL that my boys were first with the news. 

Then we got to see this baby salt water crocodile... 

 And we finished off the show with this beautiful Carpet Python!  This was by far the BEST event the library has EVER hosted!!

Munchkin enjoyed playing lots of games over the holidays... this is an adding/subtracting dice game that we've had for AGES but no one has been interested in.  But Munchkin is my math lover so he was keen to give it a go. 

Our church packed boxes for Operation Christmas Child again this year, so we packed 10 additional boxes to add to the group.  After purchasing all the items needed... 

The boys spent some time one afternoon carefully choosing what they wanted to pack into each of their three boxes. 

It isn't a proper school holidays without Bingo at the library!! 

We finished off the holidays with a trip to an aquarium to buy new fish for our marine tank, and to check out the HUGE fish.  The Groper is nearly as big as Daniel, and the Reef Shark didn't look impressed that he was missing out on lunch!!  We had gone to see them feed the shark at 3pm, but it was cancelled on this particular day. 

 As usual we did LOTS of reading... these were two of Monster's read alouds...

We finished our literature selection for the term... now to choose something new for Term 4. 

 Read alouds for Munchkin... he seems to be getting a jump on the Christmas reading along with his library selections...

Two historical read aloud books for Monster... we LOVE Jackie French books!! 

More picture book selections of Munchkin's... 

 Monster's Independent reading for the holidays...

Monkey and I finished off another Series of Unfortunate Events book over the holidays... 

 And last... some new picture books from the library so we can take a break from our old "favourites"!!

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